Welcome to Ever Crochet!

My name is Keyra Eversole, and this is my little creative corner of the internet.

I started this website after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent for designing and creating intricate and unique crochet pieces out of an idea and a ball of yarn.

My mission

I’m here first to share with you a passion for creativity.
To be a place of learning, for those whom don’t know the difference between a crochet hook and a tapestry needle. And to be a place of inspiration, for those who have a mutual interest in continual learning.
Second,  I’m here to offer handmade crochet pieces to those who would like to own and share beautiful  high quality blankets, clothing, and accessories made to last, with more love than a factory could every produce.

About me!

I spend most of my waking time with a hook in hand.
I love what I do. Really, I know a lot of people say that, but its true. I’ve always been one to have busy hands. And being gifted with an amazingly crafty mom, crochet fell into the list of things I learned early. I never expected it to be anything more than a rare activity to amuse me. But it has become a daily passion. And now I get to share the fruits of my passion with others.
The best thing ever is gifting something you made with your own two hands and creativity.