Idle Hands


Here I sit, knowing I have hours of my day available which could be used to finish/start my crochet projects, my idle hands are as frustrated as my brain is bored.

Now, I know that most everyone has obligations that may keep you from crocheting every waking hour of the day. I believe that taking breaks from the yarn and hook are good for your brain and tired hands. But anyone who truly loves crochet will recognize that frustrating feeling of knowing you have ample time to make something lovely, but just can’t for one reason or another. This is probably the soul reason you’ve taken your crochet along at the doctor’s office, or at the DMV. You know you’re going to be sitting for a while, you know that you’ll have plenty of usable headspace to focus on creativity, so you gather your little kit of supplies and off you go to sit and wait, knowing that the time isn’t being ‘wasted’.

I’m currently sitting… with ample creative mindspace… with plenty of time for accommodate my current project. BUT the one thing I cannot do, is crochet.
The frustration of knowing that the current time is being ‘wasted’ is immense. Mind you, I’m not unable to crochet because I have other things that are keeping me busy, that’s not wasted time. I’m unable to crochet because I’m supposed to be busy with other work… work that doesn’t exist.

So here I sit, with idle hands, staring out the window and daydreaming of my next project.

What’s on your hook today? I love seeing all the inspiring work!


Snowy Evening Bobble Scarf

I recently found myself with a small amount of beautiful yarn, left over from a previous project. I wasn’t sure what to make with such a small amount of yarn. It definitely wouldn’t be enough for a full project. I spent way more time than i would like to admit searching for the perfect project. And even started 3 different projects before settling on this wonderful scarf. Follow link  below for the pattern!
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